About Walnuts and the NZ walnut industry

Health and environmental benefits

The benefits of including walnuts in our diet is now well established.Meanwhile, there is a growing movement in the world to eat less animal-based foods and move to plant-based nutrition. Advocates for this move point to both health and environmental benefits. Walnuts fit the bill.

Growing walnuts

Commercial walnut growing in New Zealand has been developing for the last 20 years. The current industry is in large part a product of research initiated by the NZ Tree Crops Association and carried out in association with Lincoln University. This resulted in the formation of the NZ Walnut Industry Group (NZWIG). NZWIG provides support and advice on developing and maintaining walnut orchards, and holds regular field-days.

Most of the 100 or so walnut orchards in NZ are in Canterbury.

Processing and Selling walnuts

The major processor and marketer of NZ grown walnuts is Tricketts Grove, owned and operated by Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Limited.

Shares in Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Limited

Shares in Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Limited (WNZCL) entitle the owner to supply crop to the co-operative and vote as shareholders. Shares can only be held by entities that are intending to supply the co-operative. Shareholders are required to purchase shares at the nominal value of $2.75 each, per kilogramme of nuts supplied, and these are issued at the end of the financial year, and must be paid for within two months.


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